What got me thinking about all of this was a handful of pictures that came my way from this year’s annual White House Easter Egg Roll.
Turns out one of the hundreds of young people participating in the roll on the White House lawn, a very highly coveted ticket, was Katelyn Herman.  Katelyn is a10 year-old Special Olympics athlete in Virginia.  To date, her father Mike says she has enjoyed participating in bowling with their local program in Charlottesville.  So much so that her last two birthday parties were bowling parties.  He told me via email that he thinks she’ll soon expand her involvement to other sports because of the sheer joy and sense of accomplishment she feels when competing.
What struck me about seeing the pictures of Katelyn at the Easter Egg Roll was that I did not recall one story, one headline, one press release or any other sort of mention along the lines of:
 Down Syndrome Girl Participates in White House Easter Egg Roll”
The only thing that sticks in my head when I look at the pictures below is what Katelyn’s father Mike shared with me:
   “She loved everything about it and everyone there treated her just like the other kids, which is very important to Katelyn because, despite her disability, she really is a very normal 10 year-old.”
That my friends, is true inclusion.